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If you want to link to Area91, you can use the following code:

XHTML 1.0 Strict:

HTML 4.01 or lower:


If you want your own link here, just contact me on the many boards I'm on by sending me a PM. Do know that I expect your site to at least contain something related to MUGEN, spriting or gaming. Also, preferably not forum-only. Finally, you must provide me with an icon, either in Flash format (SWF) or in the following image formats:

  • (Animated) GIF
  • JPEG
  • (A)PNG

SVG images are also allowed, if an accompanying image in the formats stated above is supplied as well. This will change when Internet Explorer natively supports SVG images.

Do note that the maximum size of your image is 100x50, and that the average image size for link icons is 88x31. Also, I prefer it if your images do not contain any transparency. Also, do not expect me to host your images, unless they are on a temporary server. related sites


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